Information for GPs

What should I do if patients want to join?

RECALL-Pilot is a decentralised, open-label feasibility clinical trial which will observe the feasibility of reducing blood pressure in older adults to prevent dementia and mild cognitive impairment.

We are asking all participants enrolled in the RECALL study to nominate a GP for the duration of the study.

If your patient has expressed interest and consented to participate in the RECALL Pilotstudy, we will collect screening information, including their current medication use.

And we will let you know that they are part of the study.

Whilst taking part in the RECALL study, they will remain under your care.

RECALL-Pilot is an open-label clinical trial, with all participants taking a low dose, combination antihypertensive medication, at a half dose for 30 days and a full dose for 30 days. If you would like full information on the study medication, please contact our study team on to request the Investigator Brochure.

Please contact the study team on the study Helpline +61 2 8052-4438.

Please contact the study team on the study Helpline +61 2 8052-4438. They will ensure that this change in medication type or dosage is not contraindicated.

If the Creyos testing indicates cognitive decline, participants will be asked to repeat this test. If a decline is still indicated, neuropsychological tests will be carried out. If this suggests Dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment, we will refer the participant back to the care of their GP. We can provide support and signposting to additional resources for the participant and the GP in this case.

Please note: this is a research diagnosis, not a clinical diagnosis.

If blood tests at the beginning or end of the study are out-of-range, they will be reviewed by a study physician and reported to the participant’s GP.

What will happen if I join the RECALL study?

We have compiled a list of Frequently asked questions to give you all the information you need before and through the trial.
A collection of all documents and forms you might need for this study